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So I entered in the Rack'n'Hacks saddleseat show and all horses that participated placed! Both Tinni of Stormhaven and MAS Born To Lead placed 5th and my lease from Lucca MAS Norma Jean placed first!
I put the foal crop up a little later then I was planning but it is up! I have 3 fillies up for action on equus sims.
First of I would like to announce that FSR Love and Theft ridden by Gino River has placed 3rd in the Dublin Standard today! Secondly the foal crop will be out in a few days just editing screenshots.
Hello everybody! Sorry for being dead for a little bit but I was in New Brunswick for the last week of summer and I had very little internet access. It was also the first week of school so I haven't had much time to do anything other than school related things which has really sucked. Now things are settling down I will update more. The newest things with FSR is I'm making a new website. I'm not happy with it so I'm trying Wix and its gonna take awhile to make it to my liking. I'm also planning on bringing in some drafts and baroques so I can mix them with my gaited lovelys.  I also plan on having a foal crop soon, I'm not going to give any dates yet but it will be this month
Ok so lets start with some good news. I got my game working again! Bad news I lost everything. All the horses I made are gone but the ones I bought are all safe. So as of now I have 2 saddlebred stallions and 2 mares, I won another one in the saddleseat raffle but I have not recieved her yet. I also have my mawari colt Rising Dawn, my anglo arabian Last Man standing  and a azteca gelding who I haven't named yet. So right now I'm in the process of creating new facilities and new horses. I plan on introducing some more gaited breeds to FSR. I have decided
As much as I like my quarter horses, I don't know if I want to breed them anymore. I still not sure but if I decided to stop breeding them then most of my quarter horses will be sold and I will bring more gaited breeds to the stables.
So because of the latest sims patch my game is now moody and is picky on which cc it allows to work in my game. Yay -.-  So I made my game mad and now I'm slowly reinstalling all of my package files. I'll try to get this done as soon as possible
As you can see the website is all shiny and new! I still have some little things to do like updating profiles and whatnot but it is pretty much done! Yay! Now onto other news there will be a saddlebred foal crop at some point this month. There will be either 3 or 4 foals, I haven't decided on how many yet.
I have posted some saddlebred fillies up for sale on Equus! You can find them here:
Quarter horse foal crop is coming up next. The construction of the new facilities are going well so far and I'm happy with the way things are going! The website updates are taking longer cuz i'm being a little lazy and don't feel like dealing with weebly. And this month I may not be as  active like any where in the equus community